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About Dokpam

Dokpam Ghana

Dokpam is an application that facilitates access to quality and affordable health care and wellness.


Dokpam, an application that connects health and wellness providers to clients. The application provides Healthcare and wellness providers with a technological work tool. It allows clients to have a digitalized medical record. It allows the diaspora to easily pay for the health care of their loved ones and guarantee access to consultations when the Diaspora visit the country.

Salient features of the app

Online & In-clinic appointments

Online Payment

Prescription from Doctors

Medical Records


We believe technology is a game changer in healthcare and wellness

How we started working in this industry

Many developing countries are on the cusp of an Internet revolution. Today, we can connect the healthcare and wellness provider and the person in need of medical consultation in a way that was never possible before. Our team is united in service of this higher purpose. All of this potential can be unlocked by keeping the focus on the right objectives. For us, these objectives are:

1 . Make healthcare and wellness more accessible to all
2. Empower the Healthcare and wellness provider to improve their consultation by harnessing the power of technology
3. Improve the experience of the patient by removing physical barriers


Our Team

Jean-Rony Borgelin


Daniel Nii Teiko Aryee


Samuel Asare


Datsomor Stephen


Frequently asked questions

What is Dokpam?

Dokpam is the perfect combination between the Amazon and Uber concept in the medical field. We use technology to connect doctors to patients in the most inaccessible areas.

What conditions can be treated with help of Dokpam?

With Dokpam, you can consult for any conditions, on Dokpam you have all the specialities.

How can I find Dokpam App

You can access Dokpam App via the Apple App Store or Google play store

Latest blog articles

Increasing your Visibility On Dokpam as a new comer

May 30, 2023
As the healthcare landscape evolves, Doctors are encouraged to adapt to innovative solutions that enhance patient care and accessibility. One such solution is Dokpam Health Care Providers App, which temporarily offers a free package for first-time users that brings numerous advantages to doctors and their patients.

Making healthcare and wellness accessible to all is possible

If you are a healthcare or wellness provider

Dokpam is the best way for you to help a maximum clients in need. Dokpam allows you to reach  to those that would be out of your reach. 

If you are in the  Diaspora

Dokpam is giving you a simple way to help your family’s health living back home. It is also a way for you to ensure medical coverage when you are visiting home.


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